weBoost 471104-Pro Mobile Phone Signal Booster

What do you think of when you hear the word “pro”? Usually, I think about a product that’s built for professionals.

Today, we are going to talk about a particular mobile phone signal booster that is made for professional settings like huge companies, corporations, and warehouses.

The weBoost 471104-Pro Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a very good 4G mobile phone signal booster and I am going to talk about why this is very much worth your money in this article.

Before I talk about the weBoost 471104-Pro Mobile Phone Signal Booster, though, I want to talk about the manufacturer.

weBoost has been around for many years and they were the first ones to manufacture mobile phone signal boosters in the market.

Since then, a lot of people swear by the use of weBoost mobile phone signal boosters because of their effectiveness in amplifying weak outside signals.

With that being said, what makes the weBoost 471104-Pro Mobile Phone Signal Booster really good?

Well, for starters, the weBoost 471104-Pro Mobile Phone Signal Booster comes with 4 antennas. That’s right, this mobile phone signal booster caters for professionals because you are assured that you’ve got all the antennas to help you boost your mobile phone’s signal reception.

Now, why does the weBoost 471104-Pro Mobile Phone Signal Booster have 4 included antennas? That is because there are two types of antennas for the internal and external ones.

For the external antenna, you get to choose between an omnidirectional antenna and a yagi-directional antenna. The omnidirectional antenna should only be used if your building is located less than 30 miles from your mobile phone service provider’s cell tower. If you are located more than 30 miles from the cell tower, the yagi-directional antenna is preferred.

For the internal antenna, you get to choose between an omnidirectional antenna and a panel antenna. What is the difference between the two? The omnidirectional internal antenna works like its external antenna counterpart as it gets the amplified signals from the booster and rebroadcasts it in a 360-degree angle.

The panel antenna, on the other hand, works like the yagi-directional antenna wherein you can point it towards a specific location and the signals will be rebroadcasted there.

Now that you know the perks of the weBoost 471104-Pro Mobile Phone Signal Booster, it is time to tell you how to install this:

  1. The weBoost 471104-Pro Mobile Phone Signal Booster comes with included suction cups for the external antenna. Just go to the highest window and mount the external antenna on the inside window panel.
  2. Place the signal amplifier somewhere convenient and near a wall plug.
  3. For the internal antennas: if you use the omnidirectional antenna, just place it in the middle portion of your building. If you’re using the panel antenna, point it towards the direction where you want to broadcast the amplified signals.
  4. Plug the AC power adapter into a wall socket and plug it into the amplifier. Wait until the words “Ready” flash on the indicator and you should be all set!

The weBoost 471104-Pro Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a professional grade mobile phone signal booster. It costs $1500 and even though it has a steep price, companies are assured that they will get amplified mobile phone signals in their building.

My WodBook App for iOS

Have you heard of the latest fitness crazed called “Crossfit”? Crossfit is a form of fitness that mainly uses functional exercises to help you lose weight and gain muscle.

My friend actually tried Crossfit for one month and he was hooked ever since. The premise of Crossfit is to use different functional exercises like bodyweight exercises, kettlebell exercises, and so much more. It also works on the premise of HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training.

HIIT makes you utilize all of your energy and strengths in a given time period. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that HIIT exercises can burn more fat in less time than doing the conventional gym class for hours on end.

In this article, we are going to talk about an App that allows you to streamline your Crossfit journey.

The My WodBook App for iOS will help you get by if you’re doing Crossfit. You see, when you do crossfit exercises, you really need to know your WoD or Workout of the day. This is to ensure that your body gets all the exercises it needs for the day.

Now, if you did enroll in a crossfit class and that you just wanted to do crossfit in the comfort of your own home, then you can also do that with the help of the My WodBook App for iOS mobile phones.

When first using the My WodBook App for iOS, the app will ask for how many months you’ve been doing crossfit training and what degree of difficulty (Novice, Intermediate, Expert). Then, the app will suggest workouts that you can do on any given day of the week. You can also manually input the training modules on the app and it will save it on your calendar as well (although, you need to have expertise about crossfit WoDs first before doing this).

Since Crossfit is mainly centered on the HIIT timings, this iOS mobile phone app also allows you to use a different set of timers. You can use the conventional timer, the countdown timer, the Interval timer, and so much more. You can also assign a distinct alarm to each timer so that you will know what timer you’ve used during your exercise routine.

Now, upon doing your Crossfit routine using the My WodBook App for iOS mobile phones, the app will keep records of your workout stats. For example, you’ve been doing a lot of box jumps and deadlifts this week, it will be reflected in the stats section of the app so that you will know which exercises you need to do more in a given week (or the following week for that matter).

The My WodBook App for iOS can sync to your favorite cloud storage service. This app will sync your WoDs, stats, and other pertinent information. To make sure that your iOS mobile phone gets all of the data across your cloud storage service, get a mobile phone signal booster to ensure 100% signal reception at all times.

The My WodBook App for iOS costs $3 and is available in the Apple app store.

Buffer App for the iOS

A lot of people nowadays have social media accounts. This is because people can express themselves and share content that they’ve found on the internet.

Now, sharing content that you’ve found on the internet is not bad per se, but if you share multiple contents at once, your friends might find it obtrusive and annoying.

If you have an Apple mobile phone, you’re in luck! There is actually an app that allows you to share content through your various social media accounts and have the app post these contents at a different time (meaning, not all at once).

The app I am referring to is the Buffer App for the iOS. Buffer does just what its name implies; it buffers the content you want to share with your Social media networks and it posts them in regular intervals so as to not bombard your friends and followers with content at the same time.

There is also an option that allows you to post all of the content at once in all of your social media accounts if that is your thing.

A lot of people actually love this Apple mobile phone app because it has a smooth integration between multiple social media networks such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, and so much more.

This app also lets you in on some statistics on the posts and contents that you have shared through your social media accounts. You will see how many people liked your posts, you will see how many commented on them, and so much more!

You can also set an option where you want to get notified. You can set the app to notify you within the Buffer app or you can also set the app to notify you through your email account.

The Buffer App for the iOS devices also integrates with a lot of browsers through their browser extension as well.

This Apple mobile phone app is free to use but you can also opt for different plans if you so desire. For the free subscription, you get to connect up to 5 different social media accounts and have 10 scheduled posts per profile at a time.

If you want to avail their “Awesome Plan”, you can have up to 100 posts and you can connect to 10 different social media accounts at a time. Also, you can have an RSS feed integration if you subscribe to this plan as well.

And lastly, for corporations and small business, you can opt for their Small Business plan which lets you connect up to 25 different social media accounts, 5 team members and contributions, a whopping 2,000 scheduled posts per profile, an RSS feed integration, and all of the other features that are listed on the basic and awesome plans.

The awesome plan for the Buffer app costs only $9.99 per month and $99.99 if you want to pay annually.

The Small Business subscription, however, only has a monthly payment scheme of $49.99 a month.

If you’re into social media and you want to share content the smart way, then the Buffer App for the iOS mobile phones is for you!

NatureWise Thermo Blend Advanced Thermogenic Fat Burner for Weight Loss and Natural Energy

NatureWise is a supplement company that has risen in popularity in recent years. Their products are one of the top rated products on Amazon, and people are buying their products because of it.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at another one of their weight-loss supplements that have garnered a whopping 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. This is the NatureWise Thermo Blend Advanced Thermogenic Fat Burner for Weight Loss and Natural Energy Supplements.

The name of the supplement is quite a handful, and so is its ingredients. Here is the complete ingredient list for the Thermo Blend Advanced:

  • Green Tea Extract
  • Bitter orange
  • Hoodia Gordonii
  • Guarana Seed Extract
  • Eleuthero
  • Cocoa
  • Cayenne
  • N-Acetyl Tyrosine
  • L-Carnitine

All of the ingredients have been scientifically proven to aid in a person’s weight loss. That being said, here is the company’s product description:

  1. NatureWise Thermo Blend is formulated to increase metabolism and energy, promote fat burning, and support weight loss*
  2. Thermogenesis is the process of converting calories to heat through metabolic stimulation. When metabolic rates rise, heat is generated, increasing energy to promote the breakdown of fat cells
  3. Naturally occurring caffeine and synephrine catalyze thermogenesis and boost energy, without added caffeine anhydrous.* Use may enhance exercise performance*
  4. Includes Green Tea Extract, Bitter Orange, Hoodia Gordonii, Guarana Seed Extract, Eleuthero, Cocoa, Cayenne, N-Acetyl-Tyrosine, and L-carnitine
  5. A 60-day supply makes ThermoBlend 33% more cost-effective than other leading thermogenic formulas, per serving. Made in the USA. Non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. 120 vegetarian capsules per bottle

All of NatureWise supplements are created from NSF-certified facilities, so you are assured of the quality of each supplement. Furthermore, the supplements are tested by third-party, ISO-certified laboratories to ensure potency and safety.

Another thing that makes this supplement very good is that it is vegan-friendly. The capsules itself is made from Vegan ingredients. Not only that, but it features an all-natural ingredient weight loss supplement, which is most impressive indeed.

NatureWise Thermo Blend Advanced is made in the USA and they boast that their products are of 100% purity.

On the surface, the NatureWise Thermo Blend Advanced seems to be a good product. But, don’t take my word for it. Here are some customer reviews:

Alicia: ““As an elite athlete and mom of 3 kids, I’m definitely burning the candle at both ends! Thermo Blend has been extremely helpful balancing/enhancing the energy I need to train, mother, and keep house. It’s totally worth the investment!””naturewise-thermo

Debra: “I only take 1 pill in the morning and it gives me everything I want: reduced appetite, more energy, and weight loss. Also, this is a fantastic company with great support… As an Air Force veteran, I love the American flag with ‘Made in the USA’ on the label, too!”

The NatureWise Thermo Blend Advanced is a top-rated weight loss supplement and it retails for only $29.96. With great reviews and an all-natural ingredient list, the Thermo Blend Advanced is a must buy if you want to lose weight.

Beats By Dre Solo HD

If you’re looking to buy a new pair of Beats by Dr. Dre but don’t know which one’s for you, then you’ve come to the right article. There are 6 headphone models in the Beats arsenal, all offering stylish designs and good quality music, so it’s understandable to be confused with which one to pick up. Below is a breakdown of features and price ranges of the Solo, Mixr, and Wireless headphones of Beats by Dr. Dre.

Solo. The Solo comes at the lower price spectrum of the Beats brand at $199.95. It’s lighter than most of the Beats headphones at 0.16 kilograms, and comes in 8 attractive colors. Unlike its bulkier brothers, the Solo is a pair of on-ear headphones, which means it doesn’t encompass the entire ear. It’s smaller and easy to put away, so it’s really meant for people who are always on-the-go beats dre.

With regard to the sound, the Solos don’t have much different from the Studios, as most users claim. However, unlike the Studios, the Solos don’t have noise cancelling properties as they’re a pair of on-ear headphones, not over-ear headphones. The Solos are ideal for people who want to try out a pair of Beats headphones but don’t want to shed out a lot of money, for people who are looking for a pair of headphones that are easy to carry, for people who want a pair of Beats but don’t really need noise cancelling features, or for those who just love the matte finish and colorful designs of the Solos.

Mixr. The Mixr is the product of David Guetta’s challenge to Beats. It’s supposedly made for DJs. It’s a pair of on-ear headphones, like the Solos. It’s made of hard matte plastic, and comes in 8 colors. It weighs 0.21kgs and retails at $249.95. The ear cups on this series swivel and rotate back for easy adjustment, and if you need to hear out of one ear but need to hear the music coming out of the other, which is ideal for DJs who want to hear how the party’s going.

The Mixrs have a very attractive design, and users claim that the ear cups on this series are more comfortable than the Solos. Like the Solos, these also don’t have noise cancelling features so no batteries are needed. This also makes them lighter than the Studios, Pros, and Executives, which means that they’re easier to carry around. They are less durable than the Pros since they’re made of hard plastic, but considering the price, it’s not really a deal breaker. The Mixrs are great for people who want to have a more flexible pair of headphones but can’t afford the more expensive Executives, for people who want a pair extremely stylist Beats headphones that aren’t as bulky as the Studio, or for people who want a pair of travel-friendly headphones but don’t like the Solos.

Wireless. Beats also takes into consideration the users who hate dealing with knotted-up cables when it comes to their headphones. The Beats Wireless is an on-ear headphone, like the Mixr and Solo. It comes in 6 colors, weighs 0.21kgs, and retails at $279.95. It also has controls on the ear cups for hassle free playback, and can play music from a source that’s up to 30 feet away! It has SBC, APT-X and AAC Bluetooth support, which means that it’s compatible with a wide variety of music players. It has 10 hours of battery life and includes a cable if you don’t want to go wireless, or if you need to answer a phone call using the cable mic.

The Beats Wireless, like the two other headphones in this article, doesn’t have noise-cancelling features. For headphones that do cancel out noise and are wireless, you might want to consider the more pricey Studio Wireless, also from Beats, at $379.95. The Beats Wireless is for people who are in love with music, but don’t want any annoying cables getting in their way. If you work at a place where you need to move around a lot, or if you love listening to music while working out, then the Beats Wireless is the stylish option for you! It has rechargeable batteries, so you don’t need to worry about replacing them like the Executives, and when the batteries die out, you can connect them via cable to continue listening. It may defeat the purpose of being Wireless, but if you’re working for long hours and don’t have time to charge your headphones, then having the option to still use your headphones without batteries is good. The Wireless is also a stylish piece of headgear, so if you want style and hassle-free music, then grab your own pair of Beats Wireless now.

Nintendo Along With The Goods They Supply

Nintendo is really a well regarded games system maker which offers a lot of various Nintendo video games consoles. But choosing the top console is not an easy choice as the quantity of them is large. There are plenty of units you can easily pick from. What would be the types? 3DS, 3DS XL along with 2DS.

It’s not at all a secret that more modern models have a number of strengths above slightly older kinds, but are they well enough? We now have organized this post to enable you figure out if perhaps it’s well worth acquiring more costly choice. The information which is presented right here will help you within the picking procedure of the most effective Nintendo gaming console to match your needs.
The identical dimensions screens tend to be incorporated for the two 2DS as well as 3DS units. 2DS window screens are actually one particular screen. It is divided in 2 parts by plastic-type material screen. That makes 2DS easier to manufacture. And, naturally, that leads to reduced cost for this specific gaming system.
2DS is also less costly than 3DS due to obvious reason – 3DS consists of 3D display screen. 2DS, as the actual name hints, do not have a chance to display three dimensional display. Nevertheless 3D is just a possibility – you can turn it off if perhaps you actually feel like that. This can be achieved because of diverse causes of your choice.
Autostereoscopic 3D would be the form of three-dimensional which is used within those units. You’ll want to keep your head motionless when making use of this specific technology which doesn’t demand glasses. A few people are afflicted by headaches and even soreness. That is another reason for producing 2DS. 2DS is particularly liked by youngsters.
A Super Stable 3D is the completely new technology that is used in 3DS. This particular engineering allows the 3DS to modify the actual three-dimensional effect by monitoring your face and eyesight movement.
3 dimensional effect is very good within the most up-to-date versions. Generally there happen to be various reasons for this. It is not only far more reliable, it also supplies a much better color reproduction.
There are no video game support problems using the actual Nintendo 2DS – it’s only a cut-down console in a few respects. It is not important in the event that you have 3DS or perhaps 2DS games system – just about all games are going to function without any issues.
Naturally, perhaps you are curious to know precisely how is it feasible. Every single 3DS game comes with a choice for 3D however it’s not a requirement – all video games consoles use the exact same kind of processor and also sensors. They could all carry out the same thing, pretty much. However, you should consider the fact that the particular 3DS has got boosted cpu, that increases the load time regarding game titles, download and install rates and also general menu navigation.
A wise get for a young gamer that does not mind about 3D might possibly be 2DS. There are also less parts that can break-up so the durability of 2DS is much better. For more mature plus more knowledgeable players who can manage the extra cash, we propose staying with the actual 3DS.

Dr OZ on the HCG diet

One of the greatest problems currently facing America today is not foreign terrorists, buy an ingrown problem that threatens the health of every living person. It is the obesity epidemic gripping our country. From a rise in child obesity to a an ever increasing cohort of obese adult Americans, being overweight is a problem. Beyond the long-term health implications and risks, it also represents losing control of our bodies and ourselves.

That is why weight-loss has become a bid deal over the past few decades, and why you have probably seen countless ads and TV shows promoting various kinds of weight loss supplements. From magical weight-loss berries to obscure chemicals manufactured in a distant country, there is no end to the misinformation out there. This makes finding a weight loss supplement that is right for you very difficult.

Thankfully, there are experts out there who are trusted to be truthful about weight-loss supplements and their effects on people. One such weight-loss expert is Dr. Oz, star of the TV show under his own name. What does Doctor Oz. Have to say about hCG and its effects with weight-loss?
They have it all wrong!

One of the biggest criticisms of hCG by the Food and Drug administration, as well as other government organizations are that at particular doses, hCG is in no way effective. To an extent, this is true. In fact, the vast majority of testimonials claiming that hCG works come from those who are lucky enough to see results at low doses. What Doctor Oz has done is increase the dosage amount so that more people are effected by hCG.
A Crucial Change in Logic

Doctor Oz believes that hCG will help you lose weight. However, there is an important difference he asks you to keep in mind. Dr. Oz wants you to understand that hCG on its own will not cause you to lose weight. Instead, the dieting will cause you to lose weight. What the hCG does is change how you lose weight, making your body more susceptible to shedding those pounds and returning to a healthy weight.
Where Does That Leave Us?

Well, when it all comes down to it, the effectiveness of hCG diet depends on how you look at it. Dr. Oz certainly believes that it is effective. If interested, check out the additional research out there and help break the obesity trend in the United States. It starts with you!

Health benefits associated with raspberry ketones

The chemical compounds giving raspberries their distinctive aroma of called ketones. And when those compounds are removed from raspberries, they’re used to inject flavor and fragrance to consumer products like cosmetics, ice cream, and soda pop.


But recent interest in raspberry ketones is the claim that extracts made from the berry can help promote fat burning and even prevent unwanted weight gain. These are huge benefits to people who respond well to the extract supplements. This is especially true when a raspberry ketone extract supplement regimen is combined with dietary modifications and increased physical activity through exercise.


What the Research Reveals


Recent research into the usefulness of raspberry ketone extract demonstrates that it can aid in losing weight and keeping it off. Studies of mice that have been given a regimen of raspberry key tone clearly show reduce levels of body weight fat in the mice receiving the key tone versus those receiving a placebo, yet both groups are fed the same diet. How is this possible?


It seems that raspberry ketones activate the adiponectin hormone which tends to increase the body’s metabolism, and that allows it to burn off fat that’s been stored as well as preventing the body from storing more fat. The human body is incapable of burning enough fat without the help of adiponectin hormones.


The benefits of these raspberry key tone extracts are achieved by manufacturing pure key tone using aldol-catalytic hydrogenation processes that combine4-hydroxybenzaldehyde, acetone, and sodium hydroxide to synthesize the compound. It then endures catalytic hydrogenation to be converted into the extract. The result of the refining process is that raspberry ketone extract can be use in a large number of weight loss products by humans.


Other Reasons to Use Raspberry Ketones


In addition to assisting with weight loss, there’s evidence to suggest that the immune and lymphatic system benefit as well. It seems that ketones are instrumental in removing toxins and boosting resistance to disease and infections. The human gallbladder and pancreas also show signs of healthier functionality because the key tones help regulate insulin and blood sugar levels.


Type II diabetes may also be positively affected, along with lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and the removal of plaque deposit from blood veins.


Although there have been no reports of serious side effects for consuming raspberry ketones, users should be alert for allergic reactions since it is a mixture of natural compounds. Nevertheless, there are so many benefits in reasons for consuming raspberry ketones that leading experts such as Dr. Oz are supportive of a regimen of these extract supplements.